About Me

Who is Butterfly?

Short answer: a hippie/raver child who adores knitting, nature, her boyfriend, reading, and keeping a blog.

Long answer: how long do you have?

I was once asked if I would disappear with the green lizard men.  I did not.  (Weirdest pick-up line I've ever gotten.  But the guy was a little drunk and the whole party was under the assumption that I was on acid anyway - even though I wasn't).

Yeah, right off the bat you can see I don't exactly lead a "normal" life.  I dropped out of college, quit my job, and am now Self-Employed at Life.  I keep myself occupied by writing, knitting, crocheting, taking long walks, going to raves and dancing like a mad sprite in green butterfly wings, reading really great books, pulling all nighters for no real reason, occasional other crafts like beading or painting, getting myself into trouble, getting myself out of trouble . . .

I don't believe in death, merely transcendence as a form of evolution.
I believe love is the only emotion worth harboring in your heart.
I think postponing joy for whatever reason is a stupid idea.
I think a lot of illegal drugs should be legal because they promote free-thinking, creativity, and harmony.

I once took had a mushroom trip in which I realized I had been given the answer to every question I may ever ask.  The quest in life, or at least my life, is to learn to interpret those answers, and to help others who haven't found those answers.

I don't really believe anything resembling a "proper" religion.  Instead, I believe that I am one of the many children born into the Chaos family (and yes, part of my Butterfly identity is tied up with the chaos butterfly concept).  Ganesha, the Indian elephant god who can place or remove obstacles in life, is my patron deity.  I am an energy transmuter, which means I can take energy put out by others, change it or amplify it, then reflect it out in broadcast.

One of my life's goals is to explode my heart chakra with love for everything and every being in this universe.  It is a challenge, especially when a case calls for me to be seemingly unkind in order to pass on my love (like the one time Bruce and I shunned a former friend who stole from us and in a chain of events it lead to him moving to a different area, getting a job, and actually making something of himself).

The one person I probably mention the most her in this blog is Bruce, my indescribably amazing boyfriend.  Most everyone else in my blog goes by a nickname for privacy's sake.