Sunday, September 19, 2010

That took longer than expected

I am done with Tim's present! I still need to weave in the ends but at least the knitting is done. I knit almost half of it this evening. I'm surprised it took me so long to get going. I'm blame that time of the month and some rotten PMS. Now I think I'm really going to get cooking on the presents.

So the list stands as such:
Natalie - done
Tim - done
And maybe Lucid and Leann's baby. So 10 presents with a tentative 11th. And 96 days until Christmas! That means with the 9 1/2 days per gift. Somehow I've lost time. Oh wait. 2 are already done. Duh. (Shush I've been tired lately and it's kind of late here). 8 presents left. 12 days per gift. Yay! I simply must go out and buy some more materials. I would've done it sooner, but I've been having a mini-money crisis.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I finally finished Natalie's scarf! The feeling of relief is enormous, especially considering I orginally cast on for it back in March! I'm even a day ahead of schedule when it comes to the rest of the Christmas knitting! Tomorrow I start Tim's present, and some time this coming week I'm going shopping to get more materials for the others.

I told JR his is getting saved for last because he's the most understanding if his consists of a big wrapped up box of yarn that I then have to take back right away so I can finish knitting.

9 presents to go, 105 days until Christmas, aproximately 11 days per gift. I can do this. I'm hoping to pick up some speed on Patty's and the kids' presents and get those all done in less than their alloted time.

Ironically with all this attention going to other people's presents, I kind of forgot that my birthday in October will be the first to be celebrated. I'm thinking I'm going to squeeze in knitting my Cloud Bolero on the side so I can have a present too!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And the Countdown begins!

Today is September 1st, so there are, including today, 116 days until Christmas. I finished the two November birthday presents, so that just leaves 10 (maybe 11 if I knit for Siddhartha instead of buying him books, still undecided) presents to knit. That means I have 11-ish days to devote per present.

Yesterday I got a head-start on Natalie's scarf. I had 85 rows of it already knit, but I'd lost my stitch count and had already spent a lot of time trying to fix the problem with no success. Then I made a radical decision. I ripped out the whole thing. I decided that by that point the scarf had soooo much negative energy about it, it would be better to start over. When I had started the things my stitches were so tight it was hard to knit, I was having trouble keeping track of the pattern, and it was just an arduous process. I began to resent the scarf and resent the fact that I had to keep knitting because it was supposed to be a gift. It was supposed to be a Christmas present last year. Then it was supposed to be a birthday gift to Natalie in March. Now it's been reassigned to this Christmas.

So I took the plunge, ripped out my 85 hateful rows, and started over. In one day, not only did I re-knit those 85 rows, but I also knit 25 rows beyond that. Over 100 rows on this scarf in 1 day, a feat that previously would've taken months. My stitches are much looser and easier to work with, and now I'm actually enjoying the pattern. It's a completely different scarf.

I also blocked Lianne's hat. It's a little smaller than I anticipated, less beret-like when actually on, but still way cute. I think she's going to like it, and I think the colors will look beautiful against her dark hair. I'm so envious of her hair. Actually I think overall she's just absolutely gorgeous and she and Lucid and even Siddhartha make such an aesthetic family. Ooh, there we go, maybe I'll make Siddhartha a baby hat. That will be fast, easy, still cute, and unlike regular baby clothes he won't outgrow it by next week. I must investigate baby hat patterns.