Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fresh Start, Fresh Blog

Welcome to my new knitting blog. My old one was quite dusty and un-used, and since one of my new personal resolutions is to write more, it seemed time to re-launch my knitting blog. Granted, I am not one of those prolific bloggers, especially when it comes to my knitting, so in the beginning I expect to update maybe once a week, possibly more if I'm working on big projects (or lots of them). This blog is connected to my Ravelry profile, so if you're a member there you can look me up under RogueButterfly. I may or may not be moving my old posts over here, that's yet to be decided.

My newest project is to totally overhaul my Ravelry profile. Today I just added pictures to most of my projects (before everything was woefully boring white boxes), and I plan to continue going through everything else and updating with new information. I also have a new goal to complete everything I have currently on the needles. This includes one dishcloth (plus maybe a second of the same pattern and yarn) and two scarves. I want all three of these projects done before I start too many new projects, but I'm thinking I'll do them in stages, a little at a time on each one so that I don't get bored with them before they're finished.

I do have one new project I'd like to start right away though - a little bolero sweater in this gorgeous dark blue alpaca. I've already started and ripped it out once because I made a mistake (at one point a stitch marker fell off and I could figure out where it belonged so my stitch count got off). The story behind this sweater is kind of long, but interesting. My very good friend Judy was giving me a reading of my natal chart as well as telling me things that my spirit brother wanted me to know, and the topic of knitting came up. Long story short, knitting is a good channaling/alpha brain wave activity for me, especially with natural fibers, and the spirit guides said the alpaca blend I like so much is on their approved list. So after the reading I went to look at yarn on a whim. In the alpaca, there was this gorgeous midnight blue color that I fell in love with instantly. There were only 3 skiens so I bought all 3. When I got home, I got on Ravelry to find the perfect pattern. I knew I wanted a shawl or small blanket or something that I could wrap around my shoulders and snuggle up in. Then I took a look at a pattern I had put into my queue some time ago that just called out to me. It's an elegant little bolero sweater with a single button or ribbon closure (called the Cloud Bolero, I'd link it, but if you aren't a Ravelry member you wouldn't be able to see it). So I looked closer at the pattern. It uses a yarn very similar to the alpaca I bought, my size require just over 2 skeins, and I already had the right needle size in my very small collection. It was fate. I don't even mind having to start over because I'd like to pay proper attention to this one and try to knit some good intentions and good juju into it. So that's what is in store for the near future. Long term I'm thinking about actually designing patterns and creating pieces to sell, not for any big profit but just for fun.

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