Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I swear I wasn't sleeping on the job!

Whew. Here I am. Alive. Sort of. I'm still so sore from dancing on Friday night that for the past two days I had difficulty standing and walking. It was as bad as when I used to take ballet - probably because I found myself using a lot of rusty ballet technique on Friday. Something about having wings and everyone calling you Fairy Girl makes you want to jump and flutter like a fairy.

My legs are also covered in mosquito bites thanks to a long hike yesterday. On my left leg alone I have 14 bites. It really blows. I have an almost empty tube of Cortisone, a bottle of Calamine, and lots of allergy medicine (which I'm trying not to take, but I needed some last night just to be able to sleep).

But I know what everyone is waiting for - wing picutres! These aren't the greatest in quality and detail, but it's what I have. So without futhur ado:

This is me chilling in the lobby with a good friend.

Me, Bruce, and our dear friend Spiffy!

And an actions shot of me being a butterfly!

I'm going to try to persuade one of my other camera talented friends to take some good detail shots that I can put on my Ravelry page.

I'm terribly behind in reading all the rest of your blogs, and in commenting. I tried to keep up, but it was just one hell of a week. At one point my blog reader did a major goof and gave me a bunch of random news feeds in French and I thought I'd lost all my regular feeds. Everything seems to be perfectly normal today, so I'll be jumping back into the blog community with both feet.

And now that my wings are finally done (although I might have to fiddle with the straps, as you can see, they're very long) I need a new project. I still have sock poi to finish, but I think it's time to raid the stash and start thinking new patterns.


  1. Those are some awesome wings! The way they came out is so neat and unique for handmade butterfly wings!

  2. The wings look awesome!

    Sorry to hear about the mosquito bites - I used to get eaten alive, so you have my sympathy!

  3. I love the wings. My brother gets eaten up bad too. Before you got air conditioning we'd open all the windows int the house to cool it down at night but we'd have to spray him with bug spray first so he didn't get eaten while he slept.