Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Adventure in Blocking

Lianne hat is finished! I finished it off yesterday to the amazement of a friend who didn't know that I knitted and wasn't very familiar with the craft. Now comes the blocking. It was sitting in a pot of hot water on the kitchen counter, but I'm sure the water has cooled by now. The next step will be to roll out the water, and stretch the thing over a dinner plate. I've never actually blocked anything, never knitted anything that needed it, so this is kind of an exciting adventure.

Now that the birthday presents are done, I can really start in on Christmas gifts. Just in time too. My first endeavor shall be Natalie's Branching Out scarf. It's already on the needles, but the last time I was working on it, my stitch count had gotten off and I still have yet to figure out why. So today I'm going to be doing a little tinking trying to get my stitch count right, and then I'll be able to continue knitting.

I'm a little overwhelmed by how much knitting I have to do, but I figure if I just take it step by step, I'll be ok. I have approximately 10 days per project if I want to make it by Christmas, not to mention I need to get out and go yarn shopping. I have Mom's yarn, and Tim's yarn, and half of Lucid's yarn, and half of the kid's yarn, so I can get knitting on those projects. Actually Lucid's present is even going to have some pattern designing to do, but it's simple, just charting some shapes.

Ok, I should go stretch that hat over a dinner plate.

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