Friday, September 10, 2010


I finally finished Natalie's scarf! The feeling of relief is enormous, especially considering I orginally cast on for it back in March! I'm even a day ahead of schedule when it comes to the rest of the Christmas knitting! Tomorrow I start Tim's present, and some time this coming week I'm going shopping to get more materials for the others.

I told JR his is getting saved for last because he's the most understanding if his consists of a big wrapped up box of yarn that I then have to take back right away so I can finish knitting.

9 presents to go, 105 days until Christmas, aproximately 11 days per gift. I can do this. I'm hoping to pick up some speed on Patty's and the kids' presents and get those all done in less than their alloted time.

Ironically with all this attention going to other people's presents, I kind of forgot that my birthday in October will be the first to be celebrated. I'm thinking I'm going to squeeze in knitting my Cloud Bolero on the side so I can have a present too!

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