Sunday, September 19, 2010

That took longer than expected

I am done with Tim's present! I still need to weave in the ends but at least the knitting is done. I knit almost half of it this evening. I'm surprised it took me so long to get going. I'm blame that time of the month and some rotten PMS. Now I think I'm really going to get cooking on the presents.

So the list stands as such:
Natalie - done
Tim - done
And maybe Lucid and Leann's baby. So 10 presents with a tentative 11th. And 96 days until Christmas! That means with the 9 1/2 days per gift. Somehow I've lost time. Oh wait. 2 are already done. Duh. (Shush I've been tired lately and it's kind of late here). 8 presents left. 12 days per gift. Yay! I simply must go out and buy some more materials. I would've done it sooner, but I've been having a mini-money crisis.

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