Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthdays and some bad news

Today is Apollo's birthday! And his sock poi are not finished. I think that even if I had worked twice as diligently as I have been (which I admit, I slacked off and spent a lot of time reading, but my excuse is PMS) I still would only be finished with maybe one of them. The stitches are rather small, the yarn a little splitty, and it takes while for me to make a clean row and therefore a long while for me to produce even an inch of fabric. It is getting easier as I go along, so hopefully the second one will go faster.

The other piece of bad news is due to an unforeseeable slump in income and some unwanted but very necessary car repairs, Apollo and his lady are no longer able to afford their trip up north to the festival. They say they might go north in August but it would be a much shorter trip with a direct purpose for visiting and networking and less a vacation. It sort of depends how the rest of the summer goes. So while I'll be finishing his set of poi, I probably won't be making a matching set for me to use then trade with him, but instead put that energy into making a set for his lady. She and I hit a few stumbling blocks in our friendship a while back, and I think investing time and love into this for her will help me as well as be much appreciated by her.

I'm actually thinking of modifying the pattern a bit. I want to finish this set and actually spin them and have Apollo and few others play with them and give me an opinion, but I think I have a few ideas that would make for a simpler pattern and a more elegant poi. And I'm excited to play with different colors. For Apollo's poi I'm using NaturallyCaron Country which has brilliant colors and I'm sure will look great in daylight, but I also want to experiment with varigated yarns, I think the right color combinations could looks really interesting when spun.


  1. What do you stuff the poi with?

  2. It's a shame that the poi aren't finished, but I'm sure they'll be worth the extra time! Good idea to make a set for Apollo's lady, that sounds like a lovely thing to do :)