Saturday, March 26, 2011

Candles and crafts

Today is Bruce's birthday! He's 22 today and while we don't have anything planned, we are looking forward to a nice dinner and maybe some time with friends. There are ironically 5 or 6 different raves/parties going on in various locals around us (including two birthday celebrations for other friends/acquaintances), but I think we're just going to keep things simple. I'll have to ask him when he gets up, which should be in about 15 minutes unless he decides to ignore the alarm.

I successfully made some crochet . . . um, tassels? I guess that's what I'd call them. They're green, and I'm going to crochet a flower in blue and purple, then sew them to the front of Kay's present. I really want to get it done so I can give it to her. I haven't actually seen her since she first broke her ankle. By now it's in a cast and practically everyone has signed it except me. Anyway, her little purse is nearly done, I got it all stitched up last night. Now I just need to crochet the flower, attach it with the green tassels, and knit some i-cord drawstrings.

And I already have my next project planned - a beanie for my friend Eric who works nights at the drugstore. He's really more of an aquaintence since I never see him unless I'm going to visit my other friend Jack who's night manager at said drugstore. He was going to buy yarn for me, but I was at my parents' place yesterday and I went through the random skeins that hadn't yet made the move (all 6 of them, stuff I don't really like and will probably donate) and discovered the perfect black hat yarn! Just a single skein, but I then went on Ravelry used the search function to find me a pattern to fit the yardage I have. So now I'll be able to knit him a hat for free and get rid of a skein I didn't know what else to do with.

The quest for minimalism is going well in theory, but the reality is I don't need to reduce my stuff as drastically as other people do. I got really caught up in the gung-ho-ness of it all, but am now scaling back to something more workable for me. I still have a ton of little projects to do including refilling my pill box with all my meds and vitamins (note to self: do not forget to take today's dosage), condensing my cd's from 3 different places into 1, and tackling the shelves in the closet to try and free up some space.

But not so much work today, my darling should be up soon and it's his day today! Better make myself some tea before the fun begins.


  1. Blog walking from a list on RAV, hope you have a nice quiet dinner and birthday celebration. Personally, I prefer those over parties with lots of people.

  2. Happy Birthday Bruce! It sounds like the cleanings going well.