Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well, not a lot of knitting has been going on with my hands, but a lot has been going on in my head! I did cast on Wisp, which I have been meaning to make for some time now. I was going to use a lovely sea-foam lace-weight mohair, but after starting and ripping it out (and unfortunately loosing some yarn in the process), I came to the conclusion that this particular yarn did not want to become Wisp. Actually, when I last looked through my stash, I couldn't find it. I hope it's not so scared to be knit into something it doesn't want to be that it ran away from home! Because it doesn't have anything to fear now, I've started knitting Wisp with something else entirely - Lion Brand Amazing in Wildflower (that's someone else's stash, but it gives you the idea of the coloring). I wouldn't call this mohair per se, but it does have the softness and bloom which I'm loving. It's also slightly heavier weight, so the lace isn't as delicate, but I think with some blocking it'll turn out to still be just as gorgeous.

But knitting in my head! I've started designing a whole raver fairy outfit to wear to all the local parties. I'm known on the local scene as Green Butterfly because I always wear green wings to the parties. I've already done my Raverstar Top (as seen in action at one of the parties with my wings), but I'm thinking of doing a whole outfit sort of in the style of Tinkerbell, only more modern and less, well, Tinkerbell. I'm Luna Moth the Green Butterfly, not a Disney fairy.

I was given the name Luna at a beach rave last summer, the first time I ever tried psychadelics, and I spent hours and hours sitting on the rocks listening to the music and meditating over the name and how it related to me and the meaning of my life. About the same time, I was rediscovering what butterflies meant to me all over again. Butterflies had been one of my spirit animals, but there was a period during my college years when I sort of forgot all about it. During this time of rediscovery, I had done a water color painting featuring a white butterfly, which eventually ended up green by some really random whim. I ended up getting rid of the painting for various reason, but the green butterfly kept haunting me. Then I suddenly remembered there was a butterfly named the Luna Moth, so I decided to look it up and see what it looked like. It was the exact same green butterfly I had painted and was now haunting my dreams. It was a turning point in my journey of self discovery and the Green Butterfly has come to have a lot of personal meaning for me, and somehow being Luna the Green Butterfly became my party persona as well.

But I gotta say, even when your dancing around like a mad butterfly to some sick hardstyle, it can get a little chilly, and your typical jacket doesn't fit over wings. So I've decided I need to design some kind of shawl/poncho/cardi that can accommodate my wings while keeping me warm and stylish. More to come on this as I start working out design ideas.

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  1. Sounds so fun! Yay mental knitting...if only it took care of my real stash.