Monday, March 21, 2011

Manifest Destiny

When you start treating "non-living" items as actually entities, some crazy stuff starts to happen.

First, my sea-foam mohair did NOT want to become Wisp. So I changed over to a skien of Lion Brand Amazing and started knitting. It quickly became clear that Amazing loved the Wisp pattern, forming beautiful stripes of color that gently melted over the lace panels and garter stitch sections. But after a short while, it soon became clear that I did not have enough yarn. I had originally bought just one skein of my sea-foam, but had forgotten that because it was about half the weight of Amazing, one skein of Amazing was not going to have the same yardage. Wisp, as those who have made it, is supposed to have 17 total lace panels. I was only able to make 7. Not a scarf. Barely a placemat.

As I was knitting and watching the end of my yarn creep up, Amazing started whispering to me little hints that it wasn't supposed to be a scarf. So I took comfort in this little voice and kept at the project. I ended the pattern and cast off neatly after the 7th lace panel and held up my little rectangle to look at it. I proposed to Bruce that maybe it was meant to be our new alter cloth, since currently our little table is being covered with a pink shawl of mine that I would like to wear now that spring is here. He thought it was a little small.

A bag perhaps? I do like simple bags and I had enough yarn to make an i-cord strap. I started folding the rectangle this way and that, trying to decipher the whispers it made. And then I saw it and knew: it was meant to be a 7 pocket crystal case. I turned it on it's side, folded up the bottom third, and stitched the sides. Now I had one big pocket consiting of 7 lace panels, and 6 garter stitch stripes. I stitched up each of the garter stitch stripes to make 7 individual pockets. Then I got out my beads and began making 7 buttons by tying clusters of beads with sewing thread. The buttons were fastend to the front of each little pocket. Because Wisp already has a series of yarn overs work down both sides, when I folded the top flap over, I already had natural button holes to close the pockets. As I worked on the project, it occurred to me that Amazing had known exactly what it wanted to be and had found a way to manifest it's reality even though I (the vehicle for said manifestation) didn't even realize what was going on. It kind of makes sense too, this particular yarn was stored underneath my alter with all my crystals for several months before I moved in with Bruce. It might have developed an affinity with them and found it's destiny to be keeping crystals safe instead of me warm. How is it that my yarn can figure out what it wants and find fulfillment when so many humans cannot?

And last but not least to be added, on either side I picked up 5 stitches and knit 7 inches of i-cord to make ties that would hold the whole case together like a package. It's gorgeous, it's perfect, the pockets are just the right size for all my crystals (except my really big selenite sphere, but that one doesn't leave the house anyway). I did take pictures, but don't have any way to get them off my camera yet, so the prettiness will have to wait. In the meantime I'm going to go get out some more of my yarn and see if I can't fulfill more fiber destinies!

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  1. Yay that you came up with something to do with it! I can't wait to see pictures. :)