Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had cops make fun of my knitting today. I don't really want to talk about it. Well, the whole incident was fine except it resulted in a big argument between me and Bruce. Resolution to come soon. Anyway, the cops asked to search my car (because I'm a terribly dangerous marijuana patient) and when they asked if I had anything dangerous, I disclosed that I had a crafting knife and some knitting needles. "Oh ho ho, you're going down for those!" was the cop's not so very comical response. Made himself chuckle, so at least someone got some humor from the situation.

Anyway, knitting has taken a backseat to fixing my car (which is about 90% taken care of, just need to wait for the DMV to send me my new tags).

I did start and finish a Peace Washcloth and then got the idea to make more of the peace, love, happiness clothes and then sew them into a blanket. Yes, a cotton blanket will be very heavy, but it also may get turned into a car blanket, a wall hanging, or an area rug. Sort of depends on how many squares I knit before I get bored and want to make something else.

Work on the Magnum Opus jacket was coming along as I cast on for the front left half, but it seems I lost a stitch somewhere, and as I'm only like 10 rows in, if I can't easily find the lost stitch I'm going to frog it and start over.

I've also been meaning to practice crochet. I say practice because I know the theory, but keep getting tangled and quitting. Everyone who crochets tells me "Knitting looks so hard! One hook is enough, I could never manage two needles!" Well, let me tell you, I'll take my two needles any day with their safe structure any day! How on earth do crocheters manage their work all flopping about with no other needle to corral it? Knitting is so linear, crochet has an almost quantum way of just forming out of nowhere. BUT, I figure if I'm going to master free-form fiber arts, I'd better learn to work the more free-forming crochet.

I just brought most of my knitting "stuff" from my parents' house, so hopefully more knitting goodness lies in my future.

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