Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

I confess that while I'm naturally a bit of a neat-freak, organizing my yarn and knitting tools was not something I spent a lot of time on. I had a cupboard for the yarn, a drawer for the tools, and several WIP baskets lying around, and as long as everything made it into one of those containers, everything was fine.

Until I moved. Now, I didn't move in the traditional sense of pack up all your stuff, borrow a truck, get all your friends together, then MOVE. First I was just spending lots of time at Bruce's house. Then I was spending a week at a time at his house. Then I was only at my parents' for 3 days before running back to Bruce's (the situation with my parents is . . . something for another time. Things are much better now that we don't live together). So my stuff has been migrating bit by bit. I still go by my parents' place once every 10 days or so to pick up something else and give them a chance to see me.

My knitting is especially all over the place. First it was just my current project in my purse. Then it was 3 projects in my knitting bag. Then it was that plus a handful of needles and a plastic bag of yarn. Then I grabbed the plastic drawer most of my tools are in, but it's still in the trunk of the car. Now I have two bags of yarn/WIPs in the closet, a bag of loose tools and random yarn in my car, the plastic drawer in the trunk, and my knitting bag stuffed with all the miscellaneous that hasn't found a home yet.

So what to do? The Knit/Crochet Blog Theme for today is organization, but there is none to be had here!

This is my plan:
  • Move plastic drawer from trunk to closet.
  • Scratch that. Tidy up closet shelves to make room, then move in plastic drawer.
  • Stuff all loose tools/bags of yarn into drawer.
  • Go through knitting bag and knit up all WIPs hiding in there.
  • Put finished objects away in appropriate areas.
  • Put all tools and yarn that don't belong in knitting bag into already overstuffed drawer.
  • Knit something to distract myself from chaotic drawer.
  • Fetch remaining knitting related items from parents' house.
  • Stuff them into chaotic drawer.
  • Knit something else to avoid dealing with drawer.
  • Invent new organization system.
Yup, that sounds good to me.


  1. At least you have a plan. "Run from the room screaming," hasn't worked very well for me.

  2. Yikes...erm.. You could try laying it all out, looking at it, devising a system, hiding it, building system, then cleaning it? Thats usually my method. Good luck!