Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am a little sad

For a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is that there's a lot happening in my life that I can't even blog about. A lot of personal drama that I don't think deserves to be splashed on the internet. It seems like my whole tribe is kind of in a slump right now. There are a lot of rumors of so and so being pissed off at so and so. I myself have inadvertently become the star of one of these little soap operas, and I don't feel like I have anywhere to vent, not even my blog. I haven't even been doing much knitting, so I don't even have that to blog about either.

I guess I can give the basic details. I made a joke a party which was (apparently, I've been hearing this from the grapevine) taken very badly by one person. This person has not yet called me out on it, and due to the nature of the joke I feel it is best for this person to bring the issue to me. Sort of one of those "I don't have a problem, but if you do you need to bring it to my attention so we can work it out" sort of deals (only it's already been brought to my attention thanks to the rumor mill). But thanks to this, it's also been causing emotional stress for this person's mate, also a close friend of mine, and I feel bad for that.

I hate drama. The joke was meant as a friggen compliment!!! Rarr, not going to stress right now.

Today is also my 6 month anniversary with Bruce. Yay for us. Such depressing circumstances though.

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  1. People would do so much better communicating whether it's screaming, crying, yelling, or talking. Instead most just let things fester like a oozing poison. I hear you on the drama. Why don't you just ask this offended person what up?