Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I took a little vacation from my normal life. Sort of. Long story short, the drama that had invaded my social life came home. Very loudly. So Bruce and I ended up vacating home and going to a friend's place at 2 in the morning. I was wearing pajama pants, a tank top, and a sweatshirt. I was carrying my car keys. That's it. I didn't even have shoes. We ended up spending nearly 24 hours away from home in such a state (Bruce was better prepared being fully dressed and carrying his backpack). After we came home, we spent most of our time being lazy and sleeping in. Today I think our "vacation" is done, but it was refreshing while it lasted.

Because I left the house with no knitting, there wasn't much progress on that either. But let's do a quick re-cap, since it is a WIP Wednesday.

My mom's birthday was the 6th and Mother's Day was the 8th and so my mother got her yellow mitten I've owed her for so long, and half of the neck pillow that I'd made before I ran out of yarn. She laughed at the neck pillow and said she can't wait to see it finished.

The only other thing I have on the needles right now is my last feather and fan dishcloth. This is the first project from my list of 10 that I wanted to complete, and it's taken me really quite a long time. Thank goodness for quests rather than goals or else I'd probably be beating myself up quite a bit right now. As it is, I'm merely starting to get bored with feather and fan and looking forward to starting something else, though I can't decide quite what. I had thought the scarf necklace would be my next project, but now I'm not sure, especially since the heat of summer is on it's way.

I still have my projects to de-stash yarn I don't know what to do with lined up and waiting for me, and a plan to crochet Apollo and myself some sock poi, but nothing about those projects is screaming exciting. Not to mention, in some cases I have nearly everything I need for the project except one critical item. Like for the sock poi, Apollo requested purple and green stripes, and I so happen to have purple and green yarn in my stash that would be perfect, I'm just missing the right sized hook.

I think I might go to Michaels today. I have some need for yarn, more need for needles and hooks. I have a little money saved up and the plan is to go look at what's there (since my local store's inventory in just about everything is pretty crappy). It's been ages since I bought new craft stuff, so I'm excited at the prospect, but also wary of spending more than necessary - I think a less than stellar inventory will help me there. I also need to be wary of buying beads when I go. I have a bad habit of dropping $20-40 on beads when I don't mean to. I'm thinking as a safety precaution, I should go through my stash of materials/tools and make a list of what's most needed and then see what I find at the store.

Oooh, wait! I just went to check my drawer of tools, and I found my second (of 2) crochet hooks! It's a millimeter bigger than the recommended size for the sock poi, but I'm pretty sure for my chosen yarn it'll be just fine! I'll probably just end up with slightly bigger poi, and since the length is custom anyway I'll be able to adjust. I think I found my next project!


  1. Glad to hear your mini vacation helped. I hate going to any craft store I always end up spending more then I wanted

  2. Glad you had some "R&R." Good luck on your craft safari.