Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Day

Well, if the Rapture happened, then at least I know all my friends and family will be keeping me company in hell since we obviously didn't get swept to heaven. I feel kind of heavenly though, I just had an awesomely relaxing night of sleep after partying all day yesterday at a little house rave celebrating not one but two birthdays. Much much fun.

I'm nearly done knitting up the boucle garter stitch zen project. It's not going to be a scarf. I cast on so many stitches that it ended up too short and wide to be a scarf. Had I cast on maybe a third of the stitches and made all that extra width into more length, it might have made a short, funky scarf, but I'm thinking that even then an extra third skein might have been needed to make a really satisfying scarf. So now I have another place mat. I'm developing an odd habit of knitting scarves that don't turn out to be scarves. This one like the last also seems to have a destiny in mind, and it's going to be fun making this one a reality. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I will say that this is going to involve taking a funky colored rectangle too small for much and using crochet, maybe some beads, and maybe even some embroidery to turn it into something wonderful. Hopefully by the time I have something to show, I'll have my camera situation worked out and I'll actually be able to show.

Next I plan to start on the crochet sock poi. Apollo's birthday is in a week an a half and I'd love to have them done by that time. It's going to be a challenge since I'm working with finer yarn and a smaller hook than I'm used to, but I think it'll make excellent practice and by the time I finish I'll probably be much much more comfortable with crochet. As much fun as I have crocheting, it doesn't yet flow as naturally as my knitting can. But I've got a couple years of knitting under my belt and not quite 3 months of crochet, so I've got some catching up to do.

Actually, what I have been working on a lot lately is my writing. I still write every day even though I've sort of slowed down on the blogging, because I've started working on a new project. I'm not sure if it's going to grow up into a book, or part of a collaboration that my friends and I are working on, or just what but I'm having a lot of fun writing it. It's mostly autobiographical, but I've been writing from a third person voice that really suits the work, and I'm not really striving to portray real life as it was, but more to capture the feelings and energies of those moments. It feels almost like I'm applying the concept of negative space to my writing, in the sense that I think about how I would tell the story of what I'm writing - say the party yesterday which I actually just started to write about - to my friends who weren't there. Then instead of writing that, I write everything else about the experience that might not get shared in the usual sense, the details we keep to embroider our memories with as much realism as we can hang onto and the thoughts we have that are too numerous to put into a shorter anecdote for our friends. It's making for some really interesting writing and contemplation about what goes on in my head.

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