Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quest Progress

For the De-Stash the Yarn I Have No Clue What to Do With, I decided to start with the Lion Brand Homespun and have two patterns from my queue lined up for it: Calorimetry and Fuzzy Mitten Lamb. The lamb is going to be an experiment and I hope it works. My yarn is blue, but I think a blue lamb could be really cute. I'm more worried about the texture and just knitting the yarn itself, but if these three cuties were born from Homespun, I think I can pull it off too. If for some reason these patterns don't work out, or don't use up all the yarn, I have two back-up patterns lined up. It was actually easier than I thought to find patterns for this yarn, but I'm doubting it'll be as easy when it comes time to tackle the novelty yarn.

I do have some preliminary ideas for the novelty yarn. It's all really soft and has interesting texture, so I'm thinking of making a bunch of scarves or wrist cuffs or both until it's all gone, then giving them away at the raves. Most ravers can't resist soft textures, not to mention soft colorful presents are the best thing for someone who's overdone it a little and having a melt-down. It's funny how something you would normally never wear in "real" life suddenly becomes your favorite piece of clothing at a rave.

I also remembered that any unusable scraps can be knit into kitty toys for Apollo's cats. He currently has 6 kitties living with him - his momma cat Bobbi and her five kittens, two of which are being kept, and the other three will be given to friends or neighbors so that is a lot of kitty toys I can make, not to mention our own fat kitty here at home. And as a lovely commenter reminded me, cats at the shelter always need blankets and love too. So now I'm thinking maybe it won't be so hard to find uses for this yarn.

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  1. You are awesome for trying to de-stash your yarn supply. I need to stop being lazy and do something w/all of those leftovers.