Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Week

. . . is all the time I get before Apollo's birthday. And another friend's birthday too actually, but I already know what his present will be and it's not too difficult to manifest. But I need to crochet up two sock poi in a week. That seems pretty doable, but right now it feels like it's taking forever. I have no doubt once I get through the ball end of the poi it'll go faster.

I just realized that while I've mentioned these sock poi several times, not everyone might be familiar with the beautiful art that is poi:
Check this out.

The sock poi that I'm making are designed to be seen in the daylight and will consist of green and purple stripes that will hopefully show well while spinning. I'm making the two poi fraternal rather than identical twins, so on one the green stripes will be fatter and on the other the purple will be. The plan is Apollo is going to take these to Emerg+N+See in Portland this summer. When he comes home they'll be charged up with all the awesome energy of the festival. Meanwhile back here at home, I'll be crocheting up another matching pair which I will use to practice and soak up the good energies of home. Then we'll swap one poi from each set and each have a set made of a Portland poi and a home poi!

And then I'll probably have a flood of requests for sock poi. Ironically I have not even learned to knit socks yet. As much as people rave about socks - the yarns, the patterns, the portability - I actually predict I will have the same fun with sock poi. And I find crochet to be even more portable that knitting. My double points never stay nicely corralled and I'm constantly baffled as to how people can say sock are so easy to tote around. Small yes, but so many pointy ends that refuse to behave! (Socks knit on circs being the obvious exception.)


  1. I've never heard of sock poi but now I know what it is. How fun.

  2. Sock Poi seems cool. I had never heard of it before now. XD