Friday, April 22, 2011

Ramble, ramble, ramble

Before I get started, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!
Being a new millennium hippie (because I get told so often that "the hippies are dead" or "you're too young to really be a hippie") I think this is my favorite holiday. I'm just not sure it'll be Bruce's favorite when I tell him I'm refusing to drive the car today and we'll be walking wherever we go (although he did say he's been wanting to walk more).

Anyway . . .

In my knitting bag I currently have one finished Alice mitt except for a few ends to weave in, one Alice mitt WIP that is about 6 rows in, and one peace sign granny square also finished except for a few ends to weave in.

Does anyone see a problem with the above statement? I'll give you a clue:
". . . except for a few ends to weave in . . ."

Holy crap, I've become an end weaving procrastinator! I used to weave in all my ends diligently as I went along. Ok, maybe not diligently, but usually by the time I finished the only end to weave in was from the yarn I had just cut and fastened off. Now I have 8, no wait 10, dangling ends to weave it. And if I'm not careful, that number is just going to grow, and then I'll never wear my Alice mitts because the ends are hanging loose, and then I'll reluctantly just knit along other small projects done in single colors because I don't want to face the ends, and then I'll start loosing sleep over the dangling ends, and then my hair will probably start to fall out . . .

Actually I'll probably just sit down this afternoon and when I've got a free moment and weave them all in, including the ones on my WIP.

Never fear, my knitting neurosis shows up in other ways, like standing outside the CVS where my friend wanted to stop and buy cigarettes, and looking in anguish at the Michaels next door (even though their selection is crappy on the best of days it's still the closest and most affordable to me), but not going in to pet the yarn because it's 8:56 and I remember how annoyed I used to get when people came in last minute before closing when I worked at the other location near my parents' house.

Actually this whole post is very good example of how I talk in real life if you let me get going. I've been really social lately. Like yesterday there was this new kid at our hangout spot who looked vaguely familiar, but I didn't know him, so I just randomly introduced myself, offered him a joint, and then talked his ear off about the most random stuff. Kind of like that last sentence.

Maybe it's time for morning tea.


  1. Happy Earth Day.. I haven't learned how to weave in ends yet. So when I made my HP scarf I just cut the ends really short XD

  2. Weaving in ends can be such a pain. Sometimes I'll weave in after I join a new ball of yarn so when I get to the end, I'll just have one to weave in and the project will be ready for its photoshoot and wear.

  3. No one is too young or too old to be a hippie. Happy Earth Day to you too!

  4. Yay! Earth day and hippies! (i just accidentally typed hippos...woops!)