Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm not crazy

Really I swear.

Actually I meant I'm not crazy about my blog reader. I use Bloglines, which if you've never heard of it, is a nice little feed reader that I plug all my blogs into. Yeah, Blogger has a "Follow" option, but not everyone I read is on Blogger. The trouble with Bloglines is that it sometimes it updates the new feeds quickly, and sometimes it doesn't. I end up spending at least a little time on the computer everyday, yet sometimes a new feed won't come in for a few days, so even though I'm here (almost) everyday, I'm behind on everyone I read anyway.

But I've been thinking I want to slow down and simplify my schedule anyway. Not necessarily post every single day, not necessarily run around commenting every single day. I've got things away from the computer that I want to work on, and that in return will give me more to share on the computer when I do use it.

And I'm still working on the uploading pictures deal. I really really hope to bring some visuals soon, but so far I've been all talk, no action.


  1. I know what you mean, sometimes it seems as though I'll miss out or something if I don't post or comment every day, but I'm trying to simplify things a bit myself too :)

  2. This blogging stuff is a lot of work, no doubt. It just isn't possible to stay totally on top of things every day. You just do what you can, when you can. I used my blog as an excuse to buy a new camera--built in incentive to use is so I don't feel too guilty. Even that doesn't work all the time.

  3. You can add not blogger-blogs to the blogger feed. (AHAHAHAHA I just typed blooger and it made me want to pick my nose.) Just click "add" then copy/paste their addy in! It's like magical computer magic. It's really pretty brilliant. Plus you can just go back until you find the last one you were on. (I usually do this via picture, but I suppose you could actually skim the little blurbs). Anyways, hope that helps!