Saturday, April 30, 2011

Questing - the List

So now that I've started the 10 Things I Really Want To Make And How To Find The Necessary Materials Quest in order to tackle my massive Ravelry queue, I should probably make a list of 10 things I really want to make.

Introducing the List!
Masquerade Mask
I loved this cute little mask when I saw it and immediately decided I wanted to make a green one to go with my Green Butterfly ensemble for parties.

The Infamous Hobo Bag
I admire bags with lots of pockets and ways to organize your stuff, but realistically recognize I'm more of a hobo bag type of girl, and this one is darling!

Carnaby Skirt

I love short skirts. Bruce loves me in short skirts. And this is freaking adorable.

Mrs. Lovett's Mitts
Another addition to my Butterfly ensemble, and also a potential gift idea for my lovely ladies at the parties.

July's Socks - pink and green foo-foo (that's it's honest name, and no, I won't be using pink and green, probably just green)
Yet another thing for my Butterfly ensemble. Fishnet is very rave chic because it allows you to add color and flavor but maintain a lot of breath-ability which is crucial when dancing all night in a poorly ventilated venue.

Mushroom Hat
Because I like things with not much shape that will probably make me look silly (no really, I actually do). And because I have a special relationship with mushrooms.

Pence Jug
This little thing is so adorable, I know that even if I don't use it that it would still make a sweet gift.

Sweet Petite Bloomers
This will be an experiment, hopefully they turn out as cute and comfy as they look!

Scarf Necklace I, II, and III
I'm actually just going for number I. It looks like the perfect solution to my hoodie letting in too much cold air even with the hood up. Despite the fact that it's now spring and I probably won't wear it for a while.

Modified Feather and Fan Cloth
I really like the look of these dishcloths and they would make the perfect gift, even though I'm not sure for whom yet.

So there is the list. But that's only 10 patterns out of a current collection of 123 (oops - 124), so once I finish this 10, I'll probably make a list of another 10, and then another 10 and so on! It occurs to me that I could easily be doing this for the rest of my life. If I never add another pattern, and finish 10 patterns in a month, I could be done with the list in just over a year, but it's more likely that I'll just keep doing this forever. Can't wait!

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it, there is now a new tab up top for my quests!


  1. Love the masquerade mask esp. since it's pretty sturdy and reusable. Great skirt also. You go.

  2. What a great list! I saw Franklin's original Pence Jug in person. It's adorable.