Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I hate morning allergies. I've got about 2 hours left on my sneezing clock before my sinuses go back to normal. It's weird that my allergies only last from when I get up to about 10:00 AM.

I would love to be writing about knitting in my knitting blog, but sadly not a whole lot is happening on that front. I've gotten down to working on my Alice mitts, the only thing currently on the needles, but my startitis seems to have faded away.

So instead I'm falling back on the classic "What's in your bag?" gimmick. Shush, I'm allowed to use gimmicks when my nose is stuffy and my eyes are watering. But my gimmicky list does come with a soundtrack! Ok, not so much a soundtrack as just some of my favorite tracks. If you have good bass control on your speakers, I recommend cranking it up, most of these tracks lose a lot if you cut the bass, but they're still really awesome even if you only get the mids and highs. Of course they sound best on 4 ft speakers with your head stuck halfway into the subwoofer . . . yes, I am an official bass junkie.

Floating - D.I.M. remix
Comfortably Numb remix
Dumbo Pink Elephants Dubstep
Shpongle Divine Moments of Truth

So onto my knitting bag:

Knitting notebook
This contains all the patterns I'm currently working on carefully handwritten out. Yes, I do handwrite all the patterns (unless there is a chart, though if it's really small, sometimes I copy that too). It saves me paper and printer ink, and it also allows me to go over the entire pattern and in some cases translate it into Butterfly-speak if the original author uses abbreviations I don't like. Yes, I do have slight OCD tendencies in some areas.

Pad of graph paper
This is what I'm using for my current design projects. When I'm actually able to draw anything.

Sewing kit
Just your standard thread, needles, thimble, and mini-scissors in a cute little case. I rarely actually need it, but lately other people have been needing sewing assistance, so it stays in my bag for now.

Tool bag - this is the fun one and my lifesaver in on many occasions. It contains:
Pen, pencil, eraser, and two colored pencils
Case of stitch markers
Two colors of post-its
Tape measure
Normal row counter and row counter bracelet
Two yarn needles
Needle gauge
Crochet hook
Safety pins
Binder clip (for emergency holding things together)
and last but not least, short length of yarn to use for life line or holding un-worked stitches

Currently of this moment I also have the cable for my camera, an extra random pen, my Alice mitts, my journal (which I frequently write in while knitting), my wallet, and some random steel cannisters that need to be put in with the recycling (don't ask).

Haha! My nose is clearing up, time to get going with my day!


  1. I have allergies too, only mine are the all day kind if I am near a furry animal like a cat or long haired dog... I understand how miserable it is...

  2. Allergies suck; hope you feel better.
    In my knitting bag:
    1. Needle kit (over 20 circs, crochet hook, cable needles, dpns, stitch markers - closed and open-ended, gauge ruler, & a pen.
    2. Tape measure
    3. Thera Gloves
    4. Post Its
    5. Yarn for the current project
    6. Current project on circs
    7. Sometimes my wallet, keys, and phone if I don't want to lug my purse also.

  3. A bass junkie must include a Who song on their list. The Real Me from Quadrophenia is an excellent bass track!

  4. I have been accused of using the entire house for my knitting bag so let's just not go there.