Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, now I've run out of pre-planned topics (both from Knit/Crochet blog week and my own head) so I figure now is a good time to do a simple roll-call of all the projects I've been working on the past week and a half.

I finally gave Kay her little drawstring bag with the crochet flower. She liked it quite a bit, despite the flower looking a little odd because it was SOOOO big and ruffly. What can I say, I'm really digging crochet and I didn't want to stop.

But I don't have to, because I am now plunging full steam ahead with the Peace Sign granny squares. I'm about half-way through making the first one and it's turning out sooo cool. I tried knitting a blanket before only to stop and frog before I even got 1/4 of the way done, but I think I'll have no trouble finishing this blanket (as long as I can afford to get more yarn soon). Now I understand why people love granny squares so much. They're fast, you start seeing the pattern right away so you get instant gratification, and even though a blanket needs a lot of squares, you only ever have to work on one square at a time. You don't have to see the whole thing at once and despair over how little is actually done yet. It just sort of blooms into existence. Quantum-ly. Am I sensing a theme here? For someone who wanted to be a quantum physicist when she was a kid, I kind of surprised I somehow didn't encounter crochet sooner. Hmm . . . quantum crafting . . . you may be hearing more about this.

However, because I was so gun-ho to start the granny squares, I needed black yarn. I'm doing a similar color palette to the original blanket, so that means colored squares with black peace signs. The only black yarn I had was currently being used to make my own flowery drawstring pouch. So I frogged it. My rationale was I had just made a drawstring bag, I could wait a bit before making another, and eventually there will be more black yarn.

I also finished the second mitten of a pair that has been in progress for over a year. Originally my mom had wanted me to knit her a pair of yellow mittens because she'd written a children's book about losing a mitten. So I knit one mitten in time for a particularly big writer's conference last spring. And she took that single mitten with her and all the other authors thought it was cute. But now that mitten will no longer be an only child! I think I screwed up the second time though because I remember when I tried on the first mitten, it fit perfectly, and this second mitten feels a bit smaller. I think. The first mitten was over a year ago. I figure if I did mess up and make it a bit more snug, it'll at least give my mom a good story to tell, hopefully told in that loving tone mother's use for their kids when they try to do something lovely and make it sort of wonky.

And finally, while I still haven't been able to get pictures off my camera yet, I'm hoping to be able to do that within the next few days. Hopefully I'll soon be able to post all the images I've been wanting to share but haven't been able to yet.

For now, back to my yarn!


  1. Quantum knitting - sounds fun ;) My mum has my second ever knitted item - I think it inspires the "loving tone" you mention - it's certainly a bit wonky *laughs*

  2. Quantum crafting is wayyyyy to scary to conceptualize. But maybe that's just because quantum mechanics was not one of my favorite classes as far as exams went.

    But yay crochet! I got that way over a bath loofah. I totally get it.

  3. You are knitty busy :O)! What book did your mom write? A quantum physicist? Wowzers!

  4. Yep, granny squares are like potato chips.