Monday, April 25, 2011

In Dedication . .

A suggestion was made on Ravelry to make today a day to dedicate our blogs to someone or something special. The thread is located here. I have several dedications I would like to make.

Today is the Mass for my second cousin. He had a knee replacement surgery that seemed to have been fine, but very obviously did not go fine. He is in my thoughts today.

His daughter and her two brothers, whom I've unfortunately grown away from but remember very fondly from when I was little, have sadly lost both their parents now. They are in my thoughts today.

It's almost May, and that means one of my dearest friends (code name Hunter S. Thomson) will be leaving for the military soon. None of us want him to go, but we're all determined to give him an amazing couple of weeks before he leaves. He is in my thoughts today.

My friend Apollo has been going through some stressful times lately. His self-made business is not as strong as it used to be and he's looking for fresh ideas. He is in my thoughts today.

Apollo's girlfriend (code name Moonflower) is an amazing woman who works way too hard to take care of Apollo and her two daughters. She is in my thoughts today.

My poor Bruce is still sick today and probably will stay in bed for much of the day. Even though we've only been together not quite six months, he has been a force that has changed my life in so many ways for only the better. I love you darling, you are most certainly in my thoughts today.

And finally, today is Free Love Day, a day to recognize depression as the leading cause of suicide and also a day to advocate a lifestyle of love. Draw a heart on your wrist to symbolize wearing your heart on your sleeve, and take today to spread a little love where it might be needed. I have hearts drawn on both wrists.


  1. You have a lot on your mind today. I hope you are able to dedicate some time to yourself too. Thanks for the Free Love Day link.

  2. I love your post. I had no idea it was Free LOVE DAy. I am so sad I missedit. I am drawing hearts on both my wrists because of you. Heart heart.

  3. I didn't know about free love day either, but what a lovely idea, such a good cause to raise awareness for.

    Very lovely post, very moving x