Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Craft Time

Most crafters, when they sit down to craft (by which I mean really sit down to craft, not just crafty randomness that happens), have some kind of routine or ritual. Maybe they like to put on music, brew some tea, or even put in a movie depending on what they're working on. I wouldn't say my crafting time has any identifiable routine, as identified by dear Bruce:

Bruce: (something said in mock dire about how we're all going to die according to the local news)
Butterfly: Hmm . . . well, knit on through all crisis!
Bruce: More like through any circumstance whatsoever (with raised eyebrows as I stand in the kitchen knitting while he brews coffee)
Butterfly: ??? (looks down) Ooohhh! Yeah, I guess so!

No, for me, knitting fits into whatever time and space I have. Other crafts have their time and place, but not knitting. If I'm going to make something with beads, I either find a quite space with lots of room by myself, or I do it with friends in a bead circle. I have painted with watercolors, but that was only while I was on psychedelics. And mix-media crafts almost always happen with a movie playing in the background.

But knitting is just . . . random. I'll knit standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil. I'll knit while hanging out at friend's houses, chilling in the car, sitting at the all-night donut place. And I knit at home, either with Bruce as he uses the computer, or by myself in our room just sitting on the bed.

However, I'm starting to think that maybe knitting needs its own dedicated time. I've been reading a lot of posts on Zen Habits and copying inspiring bits into my journal, and I read a quote that's really had me thinking: "When you're walking, walk. When you're eating, eat." The context of the post was the idea of slowing down, savoring life, and getting more out of it because you're really taking in the moment.

So I'm thinking I'd like to start applying this to my knitting. Maybe I should knit less in public or social situations, and be present more. Likewise, I should give knitting it's own time and really be present with the yarn and the pattern. That's not to say I'll completely give up carrying my knitting around, but maybe if at least once a day I try to focus my attention on either just my knitting or just my friends or just the simple joy of making tea, instead of trying to multi-task, maybe the knitting will mean that much more, be that much more flavorful.


  1. I like to knit in the evening. After my classes are done. It helps me unwind after the day. I really look forward to the evenings so I can really get knitting done

  2. I think it's cool that people knit standing up, but it's something I don't usually do. Cat Bordhi recommends it, so you don't mess up your posture.

  3. I knit any where too. and i think you have a point about not really being present when knitting and doing something else. Not present for the knitting and not present for the something else.

    I think I might take that to heart this week and see what happens.

  4. You've got a good point w/that quote. I'm still amazed at reading how ppl knit while standing up.

  5. I try to only knit in public when I might bet bored/whiney so that I stay nice to the people around me. But this is very interesting...

  6. Interesting quote, I like it :) I've not been knitting long enough to be quite so comfortable knitting just about anywhere, but that quote could just as easily apply to the fact that I always have a book with me...