Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday + 420

Since I hadn't made much progress since last week, I felt sure that WIP Wednesday would be a bust for me. Party weekends always seem to get my life derailed for a little while, good thing my chosen employment actually benefits from running around in butterfly wings networking with people.

BUT I have actually done quite well. And now I know exactly how fast granny squares go, which is SUPER fast. Before the weekend I mentioned trying another peace sign square and getting it all messed up. Yesterday I had another go at the square and I'm half a round away from finishing. I did it all in one afternoon. Maybe about 4-5 hours steady work on it with a couple of interuptions along the way. It made a nice break in my Alice mitts because I've finished one mitt and told Bruce that now I have the fun of convincing myself that yes, I really do want to make the exact same object again. I'll probably cast on for it today, it really it a fast knit although I did have some trouble with my two colors getting terribly tangled.

But even though I'll be casting on today, I don't know how much actual knitting will be getting done because today is also 4/20. I used to spend my 4/20's down in the city with my best friend hitting up all the best dispensaries for the giveaways and barbecues and parties, but this year he's doing that with his girlfriend and I didn't have much interest in going. I've kind of outgrown getting up at 3AM to be at the first club at 4:20. It was fun the two years that I did it, but now I'd much rather focus my energy on other projects, like educating people about the wonders of marijuana.

Hmm, you'd think for having such a public soap box at my fingertips, I'd be better prepared for today.

Ok, if there is nothing else I would teach people about our beloved MaryJane, I want to tell you about Rick Simpson and his amazing work with Phoenix Tears Oil.
Phoenix Tears Website
Rick Simpson created a very highly concentrated oil from cannabis that has worked miracles. You really should read the website, it has some amazing stories from the people he's helped. He has helped several cancer patients go from merely weeks to live to be entirely cancer free. Not remission, cancer free. He's seen improvements in patients with diabetes, auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, you name it, and he gave them all his miracle oil for free. Unfortunately Rick Simpson is now hiding out in Europe and his equipment at home has be siezed by the government. Rick Simpson found the cure for cancer (which was under our noses the entire time) and instead of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, he's a fugitive. Only just now are we reading in the news that the medical "experts" have "discovered" cannabis's cancer fighting powers.

If your looking for more information on all the amazing things cannabis can do, NORML and MPP are a good place to start.

Happy knitting and smoking!


  1. I love the peace sign granny squares. I knew cannabis could help people going through chemo keep food down. But I didn't know it could actually cure cancer...Hmmm interesting.

  2. You can do it on that Alice mitt! Be strong!

  3. Can't wait to see your Alice mitts!