Thursday, April 21, 2011

Energy Nightmare

Well it is now Thursday and all I can say is "Thank God it's Thursday!"

So 420 was fun, sort of. It was also, to me, the ultimate example of why I don't like going to hang with my friend Apollo right now. First things first when we arrived, Bruce accidentally stepped on one of the kitten's paws and it shrieked really loudly. After a few moments concerned inspection, it turned out the kitten was fine, more scared than hurt. BUT because it was Apollo's favorite, and Apollo can viciously play favorites, the energy imdiatedly turned dark and nearly impossible for me to manage. I can be especially energy sensitive at the best of times, and Apollo and I have dating history so he really knows how to assault my aura.

Sure I got really high and had more fun than if I had just stayed home, but it came with such a negative energy price that I think I might gently turn Apollo down if he wants to hang out in the near future. I could really use a break from his ego. By the end of the night I was too tired and too stoned to do anything but just sit stupidly on the bed and cry while Bruce tried to convince me to get undressed and go to sleep. It's not even like Apollo did anything deliberately mean or rude, he just . . . he's got this way of being (at least to the energy sensitive people) either a black hole, or a quasar. Quasar state is good, that's usually when he's at his most creative, most generous, and most loving. Black hole state is equally impressive, but leaves me as his friend drained and frustrated. I have a weird tendency to well up in tears when over-taxed, even if I'm not actually sad, and it makes Bruce worry that he's done something. But after a good sleep I feel better, even if still a little drained. I think some more orange juice or maybe some coffee is in order.

On the more positive front, I've kept chugging away on my designs. I'm still really in the idea collecting state, and I'm realizing I'm going to have to become a better knitter to make some of these ideas reality, but it has been a lot of fun. Today's to-do list also includes finishing off the peace sign granny square that is nearly done, and getting going on the second Alice mitt (which I didn't do at all yesterday, too high). I'm also planning to look for ways to expand my knitting knowledge in order to help with my design process. I haven't knit a whole lot of lace, so I'm thinking some of my stash yarn I don't know what to do with will become lace samplers so I can practice different lace techniques.


  1. Can't wait to see your FOs.
    I find knitting/trying out new patterns help me learn about construction so I will base my designing on what I know so far.

  2. I highly recommend the Haruni shawl. I think its on Knitpicks. Its most excellent and easy to follow.