Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something To Aspire To

It would seem to me that a very popular area of knitting is socks. There are tons of patterns, loads of books, boatloads of sock yarn, and thousands of feet warmed by lovingly made hand-knit socks.

And I am not part of any of it.


I have no idea.

Usually when you start out with knitting, it's just a misshapen square with several "experiments" in tension. Then the squares get less misshapen and eventually longer, and soon you have your first scarf. If you like scarves, then off you go! Soon every member of your family has a scarf. Now it's time to take on something else. You might take on a sweater, it is the classic option. Or perhaps you need some hats to go with all the scarves. Or you might tackle a market bag since Mother's Day is coming up. Each new project you tackle brings new skills, new discoveries, new delights. Until you discover that one thing that seems impossible.

For me, that was the dreaded DPN. Double pointed needles don't have to be scary, but for me it took lots of practice (and lots of easing up on the tension) before I really got it. I'm still not crazy about them, but I have several pairs of fingerless mitts and one mitten (yes, just a single mitten, it's a long story) to prove that I have mastered their basic use.

So if one doesn't like DPNs, one is less likely to knit socks, makes perfect sense, right? But dislike of a tool has never held me back from something. I'm not crazy about cable needles either, but last Christmas I made several gifts featuring cables because that was what would make the perfect gift in those cases. So why haven't I made socks?

I have NO IDEA.

Somebody, please, direct me to your favorite pattern and sock yarn and do not let me have any more excuses not to knit socks!

P.S. Please excuse my blog's fickle appearance, I'm attempting to give it a makeover, and I think I've finally found something I want to stick with!


  1. Check out this site. You will hear angels sing. I did, but I'm weird like that.

  2. I have a fear of dpns

  3. I can understand how DPNs can be seen as icky. I had trouble mastering only a few stitches on them to start but I got used to it. Glad you mastered them. Cookie A's book, Knit. Sock. Love., looks absolutely divine.

  4. I'm not a massive fan of DPNs either. I recommend the Magic Loop method. Some people don't like it, but I find it much easier and smoother than DPNs. You just use a long circular needle, just google some tutorials to see how it works.

  5. If you hate DPNs definitely try Magic loop. It's way easier for me.

    You could try my sock pattern, xxknitndragonxxx on ravelry, but it's kidna more a recipe than a pattern. But I think you can do it! :) Good luck!

  6. I did see a pattern for straight needle socks - you do have to seam them so I'm not sure if they would be as comfy, but might be worth looking up?